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Application: Ski and sport gloves, motor-sport garments and accessories, bicycle saddle, protective paneling, outdoor& mountaineeringfootwear and accessories; travel bags. Brief introduction: This multifunctional fabric series combines KEVLAR®, Nylon and spandex yarns coated with an innovative
Application: Gloves, bag and shoes. Application: The bicycle, motorcycle, car, skiing, climb, running, and other outdoor sports. Brief introduction: The majority skill of anti-slip product is past with cloth. Our company is the minorities can directly stick on abrasion resistant cloth to i
Application: Microwave oven cover, mobile phone cover, computer cover, worker personnel clothes, etc. Brief introduction: Our anti- EM wave series product is using interweaves multi-spinning function to gain over 99% shielding function with life long performance. We can design and develop by c

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Nam Liong Enterprise was founded in 1972 and we are based in Taiwan. We have been in textile industry for more than 4 decades with abundant experience in this area.

Our product range covers from tech textile (yarn/thread/fabric), neoprenes, fastening tapes, to TPU membrane and we have been in collaboration with several international brands from multiple industries.

If you have questions about our products, please visit our website at, or e-mails us at